Question: Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed as a sufferer of RSI and I am to have an assessment from our local Occupational Health.

I would be very interested in any recommended equipment to try and any particular info you have.

The equipment info would be very useful as I have my assessment tomorrow

Yours hopefully

Answer 1: Hi, I’m an 18 year old male who in the last week has felt some discomfort in my arms, mostly being a tingling feeling, with some slight pain now and again. I have been to see a doctor but all he said was take some rest, and go back and see a GP if it doesn’t clear up. How long do i leave it, and can anybody give me some advice.

Answer 2: Get yourself to a good osteopathic doctor and/or neurologist and:

Gentle stretches each 30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes at least. (See second book for stretches.)


Repetitive Strain Injury; A Computer User’s Guide

Emil Pascarelli, M. D. and Deborah Quilter

ISBN = 0-471-59532-2 or ISBN 0-471-59533-0 (paperback) USD $20.00

Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries

By Sharon J. Butler

ISBN= 1-57224-039-3 (paperback) USD $20.00

Answer 3:Thanks to all those that replied. For those who asked for my info. At first I got tingling feeling in my arms, alternating between arms, during that time I had a loss of strength in my arms and my grip. Until yesterday this was the case, then I have got my strength back in my arms but I have pain now, I think I’ll invest in some new input devices, for those in the UK can you tell me how you prevented the pain, and any recommendations for input devices.

Answer 4: Don’t leave it too long, I only went to my GP when my hand swelled up overnight and the pain nearly blew me away. I’ve now been off work tor 9 weeks, rest doesn’t make it go away! Try to get physio or referral to a specialist. I’m getting physio which helps very slightly but am still pushing for a referral.

Good luck, GP’s seem an obstinate bunch!


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