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Question: Hello, are you have a tingling in your finger? I have started getting it in my fingertips, right where my fingerprints are. Does this usually come up with CTS?

Answer 1: When I had CTS that’s what I found – some people find it’s worse at night. However, having had the ops successfully quite some years ago, I have found recently that I get tingling if I overdo things – not necessarily connected with CTS now though. You can have a test to discover if it is CTS – ask your specialist/GP.

Answer 2: I had/have this exact problem, with tingling/numb fingertips. The physio I’ve been seeing identified it in my case as being connected to my neck – my neck was very locked up at the point where the nerves go through, and this was part of the cause of my symptoms. She spent several weeks doing “mobilisations” of my neck and gave me various stretches to do to keep the neck mobile, but the main longer-term issue she identified was in my posture, and the need to keep my neck straighter rather than letting my head slump forwards.

One method I’ve found helpful in this is lying in a “semi-supine” position. There is a brief summary of this towards the end of an article on the web at:

For a fuller, illustrated guide to this, see:

Basically, it involves lying on a firm surface (i.e., your floor rather than your bed) with the soles of your feet flat on the ground, hip width apart, the heels a foot or so in front of your buttocks, knees pointing upwards, palms of your hands on your front and a goodish sized paperback book beneath your head.

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