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Question: For those of you who want somebody to talk to about raising awareness of
RSI and RSI awareness day get in contact with Bunny Martin of the Body Action Campaign. She has been working tirelessly for the past 7 or 8 years if not more to get through to people about RSI. I have copied below the press release I just received from her about her plans for RSI day.

Gunners help launch International RSI Day on February 28th. Arsenal FC is the first football team to actively embrace the idea of prevention for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), by supporting the International RSI Day ‘Stretch Don’t Strain Campaign’ on Wednesday February 28th 2001. Bunny Martin, Director of the Body Action Campaign (BAC), a charity set up to educate children and schools in prevention of RSI says: “The message is ‘Stretch don’t strain before any game’. When children’s main passions are football and computers, it’s devastating when something as passive as a computer, can cause them chronic pains. They are aware of the injuries that can happen on the pitch, but have never been given the knowledge to protect themselves, from computer related strains”.

BAC is working with Arsenal FC to put together some creative, interactive ideas that will put the message across to youngsters in an innovative way. Ms Martin says- “Prevention is easy. It is one of the most positive actions that can be taken where any recognised condition exists. No self respecting footballer would fall straight out of bed on to a pitch without stretching and exercising, nor should any self respecting computer/ console player use their equipment without a stretching and exercising programme”. As little as five years ago Football took a dramatic turn at youth level. There was a groundswell of opinion that it was important to look after children’s health and fitness. The Football Association (FA) changed the structure of games by encouraging children to warm up before a game and cool down after each game. An integral component of BAC‘s prevention programme is a stretch routine devised specifically for computer users.

Dr Leon Straker from Curtin University, is researching RSI in Australia. His research shows that 6 out of 10 children in Australia suffer from computer related RSI, due to constrained and awkward postures. Dr Straker believes the future will be bleak for UK children unless, more is carried out to tackle RSI injuries. Ms Martin says, “This is exactly why BAC‘s ‘Prevention Programme’ is so important. With a little education no-one need suffer!! We want to see this on every ‘Healthy School Programme’ as part of the curriculum with a particular emphasis on primary schools who are the first generation to be on computers from such a young age and need to be educated now! “. “Computers hold a fascinating and exciting future for all children, if we can provide them with all the necessary preventative techniques to avoid any painful symptoms we will be preventing what could become a world-wide epidemic.”
A photograph of Arsenal players promoting the ‘Stretch Don’t Strain Campaign’ is available on request on INTERNATIONAL RSI DAY Wednesday 28th February 2001. The BAC Team will be working with primary and secondary school children at the Arsenal Study Support Centre, No 28 Carleton Rd, London N7 OEQ -The ‘Stretch don’t Strain’ workshops start at 3pm. Interviews, Photography or Filming sessions must be booked in advance.
Please contact :- Bunny Martin, Director- on:-
Direct Line:- 0208 767 2056
Fax:- 0208 682 2154
Mobile:- 07931 360 399
Email:- bac@easynet.co.uk

(Please call to confirm if sending emails as I will be out of the office a lot and will pick them up from elsewhere) I used to help her but my poor body couldn’t take it. She is passionate and knowledgeable on the subject and has vast numbers of contacts that could help you. So get stuck in!!

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