Re: Rowing machines (was Re: Rheumatologist) + OT Matra (long)

Unfortunately the jolting hurts my arms as well – however my 16 month son does his best to get me fit by giving me the run around in his own way! Fancy you noticing that! What an observant bunny you are! Well, we got taken over, sorry Merged !), with some Germans and together with our French colleagues we are now known as Astrium. As a company full of engineers who have a very robust/cynical sense of humour this name gets the usual treatment. We also have a new logo which the engineers have great fun in putting various meanings to the latest being that the title has been run over. Our logo is the word Astrium in blue in lower case with little orange dots ‘cascading’ down from above to below the name.

An extract from our ‘blurb’ reads: ” In Astrium we have a strong, descriptive name. A strong name needs a strong image … our new logo is visually striking and highly communicative. It is composed of a solid horizontal element and an energetic, aspirational vertical element; it offers the customers the solid reliability plus the dynamic vision of the future. The colours of the logo reinforce this dual message – the intense orange energy, so emblematic of our industry’s activities, and the dense, serene blue of space. “We probably paid some firm thousands of pounds for this ‘description’ and they never even watched Star Trek or Apollo 13!

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