I don’t want to end up with voice strain and hand strain.

Question: I’ve almost decided to opt for voice recognition software. One thing worries me though. I don’t want to end up with voice strain and hand strain. Now that would be a bummer, I’d have to type with my toes.  Seriously though, does anyone know if this is a real risk with VR software? And if so, what can be done to help prevent it?

Answer 1: There is some risk, but it’s self-limiting (the VR software starts failing to recognize your voice, and you have to stop until you’re better!)

Answer 2: When I was on the voice users mailing list there was quite a lot of discussion of this – maybe they have some archive or other…  Anyway, I’m sure it is a risk – I find my dragon single so frustrating that I can feel my voice tensing and then encouraging my neck and shoulder to tense too (always ready and willing to react to stress!). I recognize that persistence would reduce the frustration but when you are just about able to type still it is less frustrating to take a small setback (but very definitely the wrong way to go about things).

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