What would be the reasons to wear or not wear them at work?

Question: I’ve been prescribed to wear a couple of braces to give my thumbs/wrists some rest (kind of diffuse tendinitis / de quervain). The doctor that prescribed them said nothing about when to wear them, but the guy who made them said to wear them at work, and to leave them out (off?) when not working. However, I remember reading on this list the opposite – not wearing them at work, but only when you rest/sleep.  Now I’m confused 🙂  What would be the reasons to wear / not wear them at work?

Answer: I have been wearing wrist support straps (the Velcro type with metal inserts) for the last six months. I started wearing them at work when typing but became concerned about wearing them all the time. My physiotherapist recommended wearing them only at night when sleeping because I should have awareness of my “proper” wrist position while awake, which of course is not the case when in deep slumber!

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