Can anyone recommend a good BEGINNERS yoga class in London?

Question: Can anyone recommend a good BEGINNERS yoga class in London?  I’ve tried a few “suitable-for-all” drop-in classes, but they tend to get me to do acrobatics way beyond my capabilities which makes it difficult to learn relaxation while I’m doing them, which I should be. Having said that they might offer a good workout for more experienced people.

Answer The best I ever went to was an Adult Education one in London, which began from the very beginning. You’d have to wait for the next set of enrolments, which might be quite soon.  I haven’t done T’ai Chi because I couldn’t get into the classes, but I’ve heard that’s really good.  It all depends on what you want to get out of it; relaxation classes might be just as useful but I don’t think there are many good ones around.

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