Does anyone have any recommendations of Neurologists with experience of RSI symptoms in this area.

Question: Brief Situation: Pains in Hands and fingers only. Began 4 years ago after period (almost 2 years) of intense and prolonged keyboard use. Mostly sharp stabbing pains and stiffness / aching. No problems evident in Wrists, arms or neck.

Treatment so far: Rest (varying periods be pending on severity of symptoms but doesn’t cure underlying problem), began seeing a consultant rheumatologist 12 months ago, have had: Blood tests, Isotopic bone scan, X-rays of hands, and recently and EMG test.

Current situation: Have just been advised by Rheumatologist that all tests are negative and there is nothing more he can do. He suggests I avoid actions that exacerbate situation such as typing but this is impractical and I need a long-term solution. I do have lots of equipment at work and home to help reduce the problems but they merely enable me to keep it at a manageable level. At 35 I refuse to accept that this is the way it will be for the rest of my life.

Advice sought please: I need to see my GP and suggest an appropriate follow-on action.a) I’m guessing this should be a Neurologist and/or a Physio therapist? (I’m not keen on any form of surgery or injections, nor do I want to mask the pain).b) Having had an EMG would I be wasting my time with a neurologist ?c) I live near Swindon in Wiltshire. Does anyone have any recommendations of Neurologists or physios with experience / understanding of RSI symptoms in this area.

Answer 1: Perhaps you should seek alternative therapy like acupuncture, as well as doing exercise on a regular basis to increase your overall strength, also be gentle with the keys and your hands won’t hurt so much.

Answer 2: Ask your GP for a second opinion given that you are not happy with the first and try finding out who the wrist and hand specialist in your area is. Mine was surprisingly an Accident & Emergency consultant who diagnosed my RSI after a rheumatologist had told me much the same as you have been told. Good luck!

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