My experience of a Rheumatologist – does this say something about them? I was referred by the Orthopaedic specialist to the Rheumatologist at the same hospital to see if he could deal with the inflammation in the forearms. Orthopaedic doctor said they would see me again if the Rheumatologist couldn’t help me. I saw the Rheumatologist who looked at my arms and wrists and asked me the one point where the pain was worse. I said my right wrist. He then gave me a cortisone injection in that wrist and discharged me from the hospital telling me to see my GP for another referral letter if  things didn’t improve! The blood test was OK and didn’t show any signs of RA.

1) How about the other pains – both arms from the elbows down are affected? I think I was so amazed I forgot to ask.

2) I went to my GP after 2 weeks and said I still had a lot of pain but the injection had worked at the point where he gave it to me. GP said, I shouldn’t have to re-refer you after 2 weeks, phone the hospital to get another appointment (which I am trying to do). If the hospital won’t give me another appointment, my GP said he will write a letter but also will include a complaint!

3) So much for Orthopaedics saying they would continue seeing me. All this and, currently, I have to fill in my incapacity form and say whether I’m having hospital treatment and I have the appeal forms for my DLA application – both of course with time limits on them.

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