Rhus tox

Question: I’ve just been along to the chemist and got my supplies of Arnica and I came across Rhus tox cream and pills. It’s supposed to relieve rheumatic conditions – anyone tried it for their RSI?

Answer 1: I tried Rhus Tox homeopathic style by swallowing some C30 solution. This was recommended by a homeopathic friend of mine. However, it didn’t seem to work for me, but may for some. Ruta is another homeopathic possibility, so I understand. I guess it is a matter of trying things and seeing what works for you – a mixture of osteopathy and vigorous exercise (running, cycling) seems to have worked wonders for me!

Answer 2: I tried the cream on my hands (my thumbs are particularly painful) – no noticeable effect!

Answer 3: I’m afraid that I’ve had no positive effect from either this or arnica.

Answer 4: To my knowledge there is no clinical evidence that homeopathic remedies are effective. The dilution is such that there is effectively no trace of the original substance. Homeopathy therefore violates several fundamental physical principles such as dose-response relationships and the second law of thermodynamics. Practitioners offer no convincing account of how it could work and seem content with arm waving explanations. To add my anecdote, I’ve tried several remedies with zero effect. The trouble with RSI is that you are driven to spending a fortune on various dubious therapies in the hope that something might just work. In the expectation that this will provoke offended replies I would ask that someone gives me a reference to a good clinical study.

Answer 5: Those interested in homeopathy could try ‘hypericum’. It is for ‘crush’ like injuries to the hands, with ‘shooting’ pains that travel in the direction of hand to neck in pain. 30c twice a day. Don’t know if it works but homeopathy has been known to work. But diagnosis is hard. You can’t really treat symptoms, only people.

Answer 6: How right you are! I’ve tried many products and there is always someone else to sell me the next one. But now I am not buying. I’ve learned. RSI takes time to manage and heal. Flare-ups always happen. Rhus Tox is not going to do a thing. Then again, sometimes pain is in the mind and if you think something will work, that placebo effect kicks in. Or so I’m told many times.

Answer 7: I’ve had better results with Ruta Grav, and some success with Arnica. RSI sufferers I’ve met, I understand they are driven to spend money on therapies because they’ve found that conventional medicine has been unable to help them. Sufferers have related, from time to time, some substances, tools and methods that have relieved pain, but there is no clinical evidence to back up the experience. Homoeopathy is one such example. As I understand it, substances are so greatly diluted that only the energy is left, and this has an effect on the energy in the body at a cellular level. It may violate certain laws, as we understand them, but it works anyway provided that the initial diagnosis of the person was accurate. “Pain is in the mind” – the experience of life is in the mind, and science cannot measure it. To find the cure to RSI, we have to find the cause, on a spiritual and emotional level as well as physical.

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