Rient the way you work to use VR was Re: ergo keyboard problems?

Not so fast! I agree, you’ll need to reorient the way you work to use VR effectively but it *is* possible. Nowadays I tend to scribble notes and draw pictures before “going up” to the computer to dictate. In the old days I used to slouch forever in front of the PC moving bits of sentences around. I actually think that the discipline of having a complete sentence in your head before speaking is a very good one. Ever notice how much email tends to ramble on with 6 or 7 sub clauses being quite common and after a while it can be a real pain to read through despite, or quite possibly because of, the fact that nothing much is being said by the other person? Anyway I’m off to shift my paradigm – by having a nice cup of tea! BTW – I have the MS natural keyboard. It’s only half good, but I can’t go back to the straight ones now.

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