Ringing in ears – Tinnitus

I once read somewhere in the internet (when I did a search on pumpkin seeds) that pumpkin seeds will cure ringing in the ears Рbut not in all cases. It did not do a thing for mine. But it might for someone out there. Here is the dose: Eat 200 pumpkin seeds every other day (or every day), until relief has arrived. Could take months? Anyway, they do also kill human worms. Yes people have worms. How disgusting! It takes 5 months of eating pumpkin seeds before there are no dead ones found in the stool. There is a big epidemic. I refuse to admit I ever found any worms. However, I ended up with no more pain in the appendix area and no more discomfort from diverticulosis. It took 6 months for all that to go away. Now I eat whatever I please. They also regulate the hormones, but to do that, must be eaten daily.

A friend of mine had excess facial hair & now she has to shave her face only once a month instead of 2 times a week. Her trick knee disappeared and her sinusitis is manageable. My hair was thin all my life, now it is as thick as the Native American’s beautiful hair. My fingernails are tougher too. All of my pain was not due to RSI! The seeds are a Native American remedy for worms and a lot of other illnesses. Like incontinence & urinary problems & swollen prostates & sinusitis. So give them a try. They have to be raw & they are sold in health food stores and they have no shells upon them. The Africans use watermelon seeds and the Asians use muskmelon and cantaloupe seeds in the very same amount. Pain can be due to an imbalance of hormones and enzymes, and if the pumpkin seeds can alleviate some of these problems in a few people, they are worth trying for a few months.

I do have a lot more energy since I eat them regularly and I have no more headaches. I never have to drink coffee in the morning to get going. So I just don’t buy it anymore. As soon as I am out of bed I am totally energetic. What a new life they brought to me. And my spirits are lifted and I never get depressed and I sleep a few hours less every day. I never get sleepy in the afternoon anymore. What a blessing the little seeds were to me. I sure hope they can do a little for each one of you out there. We all need to feel a bit better. Best of luck to all of you!

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