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Question: Well, thanks all for input recently; my husband is back at work this week and as predicted his hands hurt as soon as he began typing again. His boss though is willing to consider voice recognition software which is good. We are back to the GP next week; she wants to see him after a week of “normal” work. On a more positive note, he received prayer on Sunday at church and has felt better (able to drive!!) as a result.
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As far as research goes, I don’t know of any RSI illegitimacy stuff but LOADS has been written on the topic per se, particularly with reference to me. May be useful background theory etc. A question to all is it really worth spending to see a “specialist” like Richard Pears on or will he just confirm what we already know, that there‚Äôs little that can be done?
Are there any other partners of sufferers on this list like me?

Answer 1: I take it from this that his hands had actually stopped hurting by the end of his week off work. This is good news. He really needs to see a good physio who knows how to treat RSI. He needs to be taught the ANT stretches to prevent the pain becoming constant (Assuming he has ANT!) People who stop doing everything soon find they ‘seize up’ as the body needs exercise to keep everything moving smoothly. You will probably have to go ‘private’ to find a good physio. Their governing body (see RSI-UK web site for details) will point you towards local physios, you then have to question the physios to find out how good they are. Your GP may know of good physio locally as well. Don’t wait six weeks to see a physio on the NHS!

Answer 2: From my own experience I would say: DON’T wait for the effect of a week of
“normal” work if you know by common sense that it is going to be bad! Why would you do that? To please the GP? She’s not going to give you a medal for the week (probably longer) of suffering!

Answer 3: I think you can go and see Dr Pearson on the NHS, you used to be able to anyway, as he works in a number of places. Was it Brats? I forget someone else may know. Yes, he may just confirm that there is little that can be done MEDICALLY, but he does check all possibilities that there may be a pathology (incidentally, thus costing more for tests if you go privately) and on that basis, recommend you to Charles Pither at INPUT for pain management. So it is not a dead end, not at all. Also he may recommend you to a suitably geared up physio. However, you can probably get to both a good APPROPRIATELY TRAINED physio and Pither at INPUT, without Pearson in between.

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