We’re going to show you how easy it is to tape for carpal tunnel using RockTape.  Super-simple to do.  We’re going to use our 2″ tape, we’re going to go ahead and take a quick measurement from the palm of the hand to right below the elbow; we’ll go ahead and cut off a piece, flip the tape over on itself and round those edges.  We’ll rip the tape about an inch from the end, go ahead and have Stephanie flex, and we’ll anchor it right at the palm, the base of the palm, and then run it right over the “hot spot” where she has pain.  Using the heat from my hand, go ahead and activate the adhesive so it adheres.

The next stop is a decompression strap, and what we want to do is rip the tape right in the middle and fold the edges over like it’s a big Band-Aid, and we locate it right over the epicenter of the pain.  In this case we’ll assume it’s right above the wrist.  We’ll stretch the tape about 50%, lay it down, and no stretch at all on either end of the tape; if you stretch the ends at all, the tape will fall off.  I’m using the heat from my hands to activate the adhesive on this portion of the application, and we are all set.  That’s how easy it is to tape for carpal tunnel syndrome using RockTape.  Hope that helps; now get out and have some fun!


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