Rowing machines (was Re: Rheumatologist)

Question: Sorry, newbie asking stupid questions, but is there some major problem with RSI and rowing machines? I’m asking because I like rowing machines, they seem to be a good back/shoulder workout and my RSI comes from stiff shoulders. In general, do people think that doing weights is a bad idea? In fact, I do get confused by contradicting advice on whether to exercise or rest my wrists. I’ve had a lot of success with stretching exercises but always wondered about the benefits of my irregular trips to the gym.

Answer 1: It certainly causes a flare-up in my wrists/hands if I even carry a few cans of cat food home in a shopping bag so if you’re able to use a rowing machine without any ill effects to your hands – wonderful! I would love to be able to go to a gym and use the machinery there and get rid of some of the chocolate’s revenge but I know that a few minutes on a bike or on one of those press-up/together machines would just finish me.

Answer 2: What about running?
+ gets rid of the most calories.
+ no gym fees.
– you have to go out in the rain.

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