RSI advice needed

Question: I’m new to this group and I wondered if anyone could offer me any advice. I’ve had RSI in my hands for a few years now – as a result of packing in a factory. I left to go to university and apart from the occasional flare-up have been fine. The problem is that 3 weeks ago my hands and arms were hurting so much that I couldn’t type or write at all. My doctor said that it was ‘tennis elbow’. I’m not sure why I have it now as I had hardly used the keyboard the previous month. It’s not getting any better and my doctor has recommended injections in my elbows – something I’m not looking forward to. I’ve been told that I’ll always be prone to flare-ups and I’ll just have to be careful. I don’t like having this problem, I feel pretty useless at the moment mainly because the work I’m studying to do is computer keyboard-based. Can anyone offer me any advice or encouragement? What is the success rate of these injections and what’s the likelihood of being able to continue using a keyboard for work?

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