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Question: I think I might be getting RSI. The doctor (hopeless) did not want to be involved and was not prepared to say if it was my work. I have a lot of pain around the base of my thumb and sometimes further up my arms. I am scanning and some data entry rather than typing. I have got good employers who recognise RSI but even so I do not want to cause a fuss and risk losing my job. I also have dizziness sometimes after being on the computer a lot – is that a symptom, no-one has heard of this. My mum has ME and she is affected by even looking at the screen. If anyone recognises these symptoms, please reply to me.

Answer : Yes, this could be RSI. Not only typists get it. The dizziness could be something else, there are so many things it could be, I can’t begin to list them. Please try to get referred to a specialist — change doctor if you need to — if you have my kind of RSI, the specialist will run tests to make sure that is what you have.

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