RSI and Colds

Question: Does anyone have any experience of their RSI getting markedly worse after having a heavy cold? I have been back at work for 6 weeks after 5 months off sick and was recently making great progress. I had a heavy cold which lasted nearly a week (in bed for 2 days – exhausted but no aches/pains), back at work for two days then RSI symptoms back again worse than they have been for two months. I couldn’t think of anything specific which I did to cause them. Beginning to panic now as boss away for five weeks and I am holding the fort. I remembered my occupational health doctor mentioning to be careful when I got ill but could not see the link and have not read anything about this.

Answer: I do hope you are feeling a bit better now. RSI is a form of chronic pain, isn’t it, i.e., pain that does not go away after 6 months. (Some definitions say 3 months). From what I understand, it takes a heck of a lot of energy dealing with chronic pain – mental, physical and emotional energy. One might think that if the immune system is knocked out, as in aftermath of a cold, everything will be uphill for a while. So, while your body is repairing damage from the cold, the RSI symptoms are not getting taken care of as they used to. I don’t know, just a theory from a fellow sufferer.

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