RSI and Exercise

Question: Does anyone know if resistance exercises (static weight training) has an adverse effect for RSI sufferers? After exercising at my local gym using moderate weights for exercising upper body, my forearms seem to suffer as if I’ve been at the keyboard for hours on end. Any comments?

Answer 1:  Try looking for this phrase on the web FLEXTEND. I bought a pair of these gloves, and plan on using them when my wrists are a little bit better. I have read somewhere that by strengthening of the muscles and on the top side of your hand, wrist and arm, you can counteract and possibly fix carpel tunnel syndrome.

Answer 2: My physiotherapist strongly discourages me from lifting any heavy objects. Because the nerves run through or very close to the muscles, exerting them can aggravate the nerves.

Answer 3: Get specialist advice (a physiotherapist etc) about what you should and shouldn’t do. Personally I avoided lifting things for 18 months, the result being I couldn’t lift a sausage!!! I now do circuit training at least twice a week; it enables me to loosen all of my muscles that get so tight during the working day. However there are a number of exercises I don’t do as I find they aggravate them. In hand with physio advice, pain is also a good indicator. If it hurts or starts to hurt, stop straight away and don’t do it again!! A number of Gyms have instructors who are trained to assist the rehabilitation of injuries, so ask.

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