RSI and Microsoft Natural Keyboard

Question: I am a computer programmer and have been suffering from RSI since 1985. Recently, my work evaluate the Microsoft Natural keyboard using a group of sufferers and a control group of people who did not have the problem. All of the personnel who used the keyboard have stated that they will not give up the keyboard as they have found that it is easier to use. The majority of the people who use the keyboard are extremely happy with it once the initial period of getting used to it is over.

Answer: I’ve been suffering from RSI for over two years. I switched to the Microsoft Natural Keyboard from the normal keyboards that came with the PCs and workstations that I use.  I won’t go back. I’m very attached to the Microsoft keyboard. It does take a little time and pain to use to start with, but it was worth it for me.  The only gotchas that I’ve found so far are:

* The large numeric keypad on the right makes it difficult to place a mouse if you have limited desk space. I personally use a Logitech Marble trackball, and have had to place it on a higher surface.

* I found that I needed to tilt the keyboard away from me to reduce the pain.  I haven’t tried the other ergo keyboards on the market.

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