Question: I have diffuse RSI and I recently saw this story from US about MRI:
To quote from the story:
Enhanced MRI reveals nerves that cause pain
April 18, 1997
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Correspondent Dan Rutz
White is relieved to find medical proof for the continuous pain she feels in her fingers, hands and arms.  It comes from a fine-tuned kind of MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, which is like a high-tech X-ray. The enhanced MRI sets the stage for other carefully targeted tests and treatment, giving White the first hope she’s had in years. “It means that, at the risk of sounding maudlin, I have a chance at having a normal life back,” White said. “This has severely impacted on my life. I haven’t been able to work. I have an infant — I can’t care for him.”
Dr. Aaron Filler, a neurosurgeon at the University of California-Los Angeles, made adjustments to the MRI to reveal inner-body structures that, outside of surgery, had been invisible.  “Of all the different tissues in the body, we haven’t been able to image nerves very well,” Filler said. And in some cases of chronic pain, not being able see what’s wrong can lead to guesswork. Morris Levitt, 84, underwent seven back operations and still suffered relentless pains down one leg.  “They were taking me seriously but … I think they were stumbling quite a bit along the way,” Levitt said of his doctors. With the enhanced MRI, Filler is able to find the offending nerve and recommend treatment that may be far removed from the part of the body most doctors would aim for first.  The enhanced imaging reveals irritated nerves as bright spots that draw the eye to muscles or other structures which may be injuring the nerve and causing the pain. Filler hopes the new technology will take the
guesswork out of diagnosis and treatment.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get this kind of treatment in the UK? By the way, thanks to those of you that have responded to my call for media stories. I’ve got about 3 participants and lots of commentators. Please continue to tell me how you would like to be represented, what sorts of angles I should cover, etc. And if anyone has access to any new statistics, I’d love to see some UK figures.
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Answer 1: This sounds very promising from an evidential, as well as treatment, point of view.  Your posted article says that Dr Filler “made adjustments to the MRI” so is this a system that can be operated wherever there is MRI but under a method of adjustment/calibration carried out locally? I suppose the logical step would be for those seeking this treatment to raise it with their consultant and ask that he contact Filler for details (some hope I hear you all say). I shall raise this with a consultant expert we instruct and Filler himself and report anything of interest. Incidentally, as a newcomer to this list I am delighted and amazed at the valuable information gained.

Answer 2: I couldn’t agree more. Maybe Jody could slant an article towards the economic cost of RSI, to the country – how much spent on Social Security, treatment (Ha, Ha), loss of tax income etc. That in spite of the VDU regs, people are still going down with RSI and that it is a preventable problem (like workplace stress) not something that 10% of the population will suffer from regardless. As to preventing RSI– we are facing an uphill struggle; people unfortunately don’t want to know about the bad side of life, until it is too late. I feel we should use technology to help us get round our problems, unfortunately quite a few RSI sufferers don’t want to ever go near a computer again.

Answer 3: This will only happen when we can successfully sue the employers and for diffuse RSI we need a medical test that can prove the person is suffering from it. (No one has won a substantial award for diffuse RSI in court.) on another subject… Could you write an article for the RSI-UK archive that explains the processes you need to go through to sue your employer, the proof you need – employers negligence, liability, actual injury through work, where to contact a personal injury solicitor etc. We have lots of information on treatment but very little on the legal side of things.

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