RSI and Myofascial pain

I have the opportunity to look in on this board once in a while. In medical training, we are taught that repetitive strain causes inflammation, and therefore inflammatory conditions. While this may be true, the primary problem associated with repetitive strain injury is MYOFASCIAL PAIN. Most of the notes I have read here describe myofascial pain, which includes numbness, tingling, burning, and pain. There are some excellent sources of information, and I suggest that if you read, you may know more than the medically trained persons you are consulting. The treatment that you describe as working, such as stretching, deep massage, light exercise… are the treatments for myofascial pain disorders. There is a two volume medical text, Myofascial Pain, The Trigger Point Manual, by Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons, Williams and Wilkins, USA, 1983 and 1993 respectively. There is a “cliff notes” version available from the Gebauer company in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Comment : Laypersons might like to get the Bonnie Prudden book referenced by the AMT article on my web site and the RSI-UK site. Bonnie Prudden worked with Dr Travell and developed a much specialised type of massage in which trigger points are pressed quite hard in order to release spasm, followed by specific stretches. Here are the details of the book – read the recovery bundle on my website for some more information about all this:
Pain Erasure – The Bonnie Prudden Way, by Bonnie Prudden
New York: M. Evans & Co., Inc., 1980; IBSN 0-87131-328-6 (hardcover)
New York: Ballantine Books Inc., 1982; (paperback)

Anyone who finds that muscle tension in the shoulders or neck is part of their RSI, and finds some relief from massage, should get this book – it shows you how to treat yourself and will also help you evaluate the treatment you are getting.

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