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Question: I saw from the web pages that there’s an RSI Association support group here in Cambridge (UK) – is anyone on this list a member? I’m interested in getting in touch.

Answer 1: Thanks for your interest in this issue. I am a teacher of IT, and I agree wholeheartedly in the Prevention better than Cure theory. This is one particular area in which I wish to raise Awareness – the Government and Educational Estahlishments are my prime targets – if we can educate children on the issue, of the potential harm if not using computers etc correctly, they also need explanation of Ergonomics. However, there will be much ground and the inevitable red tape to be covered before any progress can be made. Where to start – at the beginning I suppose. I understand there has been some groundwork on the subject already, however, I am posting a notice for further information, for at this time I have gathered very little information.

Answer 2: I am forming a Group in this area as I believe the only other Groups in the area are in Maidstone and Welling. I am specifically looking to raise awareness in all the important areas e.g. Education, Employment, Government etc. However, I also wish to form a local group for mutual support and self help. Anyone wishing to join me, give advice or comments please contact me. As a teacher one huge concern of mine is the risk of RSI in children and young people – anyone out there agree?

Answer 3: With the increased usage of computers by children, are they showing an increase in RSI in their age groups?

Answer 4: Yes – there have been some reports in the educational press.

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