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Question: I wrote yesterday in reply to “Looking for help in West Midlands”. As a newcomer to RSI – although the symptoms were there (and ignored) over the years – I am beginning to see that there is much said about it, but little is actually being done. I have learned that some GPs do not take it seriously, certainly many employers do not and even friends, family and partners can be sceptical. My own problem is computer related and as such I am interested in hearing from anyone suffering, or with knowledge, or is simply interested in the illnesses and problems related to computer use. It has occurred to me that as most GPs use computers these days – the cynics of today may be the sufferers of tomorrow! However, I must say that not all GPs have an unsympathetic view.

Also, I must stress that I am also interested in anyone who is suffering, has knowledge of or is simply interested in any work related RSI. I am looking to form a group to raise awareness, give support and promote self help. Absolutely any information relevant to these topics will be very much appreciated. Or if you have comments or opinions you wish to express or discuss please contact me at Primarily I am looking to form a local group (I live in the South East), but would certainly welcome nationwide interest. This is the Technological age, more and more people are using computers and other RSI related machines, and it is time for someone to take some positive action. The Government should be aware of the significance of how many working hours are lost due to these problems, employers should also acknowledge these facts, and most of all the people at risk should be aware of precautions to take. Educators should be aware of it, and educating establishments should teach about it. The Government should acknowledge that much money will be spent on sustaining those suffering from RSI related problems; they should also be urged to channel more money into educating and preventing the problems and for treatment of RSI related illnesses. Anyone who feels the same way as I do, please let me know.

Answer 1: On Intl. RSI Awareness Day the RSI Association announced an alliance with the Amalgamated School Nurses Association. This is to raise the awareness of RSI and the need for prevention with school children between the ages of 5 and 18 years. They will be trying to produce a video to be shown in schools, but they need to find some funding to do it.

Answer 2: Thank you for your response. I have, today, contacted RSI Association and they do not have a group in my area and so I am going to try to set one up. Thanks also for the Voltaire quote – there may be much truth in it! If you have anything else you wish to say please let me know – I am almost a complete novice. Maybe you would like to share your own experiences (or not as the case may be).

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