One of the causes of RSI as a deficiency in Vitamin B6 or B12

Question: I’ve been wondering, are there any veggies or vegans on this list? I came across a U.S. site (a clinic specializing in CTS) and it gave one of the causes of RSI as a deficiency in Vitamin B6 or B12. These ensure a healthy nervous system. I looked further and realized that these are prevalent in meat and dairy products. As a veggie for 16 years,

I thought I knew my stuff and was getting all I needed from a varied diet including whole grains and pulses,but one of these is contained only in enriched cereals. Today I’ve bought a Vitamin B complex supplement (as I said we’ll try anything).If I get any results I’ll post them here!  Anyone else experienced this?

Answer: I’m a vegetarian too, and have been for 10 years now. I developed RSI roughly four years ago. Strangely, my brother has also developed RSI and he was a vegetarian for nine years (up until last year). I’ve also read research saying that the B. vitamins can reduce RSI symptoms or that a lack of them has been linked with RSI. I’ve recently started taking extra B. vitamins and await the results

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