My RSI developed after getting tendonitis/RSI problems in right shoulder

Question: My RSI developed after getting tendonitis/RSI problems in right shoulder. Since then I switched to using my mouse with my left hand. Thereafter I switched to a primax, handheld trackball which I use with my left hand. Trouble is that I am now developing aches in my left hand fingers/wrist and forearm and behind my left shoulder blade which are not yet the burning nerve pains of my RSI but are an obviously cautionary development.

I have now temporarily switched to the usual mouse I had to give my fingers a rest. Now I am not sure how to proceed or what I might be doing wrong because as far as I am aware I have been sitting right, holding position correctly with my hands etc. The only think that I might be doing wrong is that because it is a small mouse, I am sure my wrist dips down when using for longer periods. I’d welcome any suggestions. I am now becoming tense from not knowing if I am doing stuff ergonomically!!!!! 🙂

Answer: I use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard and a Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse. With the Mouse, I use a mouse pad with a raised section under the wrist area. I have had RSI in both arms since 1985 and work as a full time computer programmer. A good chair is also useful. If you can get one that has adjustable height, a tall back with lumbar support. The seat should also be adjustable. Most office furniture suppliers should have such chairs available as well as ergonomic desks.

Answer 2: As you will have read in this conference Maltron keyboards have helped many operators to overcome RSI problems. Your message does not say if the use of the Microsoft Keyboard has made your RSI any less though presumably this is so. We have distributors in all the main towns who would be prepared to provide a Maltron keyboard on hire (as we do here) if you wanted to try one.

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