RSI early diagnosis

Question: I am awaiting a definite diagnosis of RSI and reading all the emails concerning this condition. It is early days and I am hoping the symptoms subside – my doctor has diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I find driving OK at the moment but a couple of long 3 hr journeys recently in my Ford Fiesta were a bit uncomfortable and my fingers were very stiff and aching. My symptoms are in my right arm and fingers so although I have been told to rest my arm it’s very difficult as I am right handed. I have been off work for two weeks hoping the pain will go but…meanwhile my workplace has been assessed as unsuitable so I am advised not to go back until it has been reorganised. I would be interested to hear how others have faired at work once a diagnosis has been made. I have been suffering back and neck problems over the past two years and stress over work and from what I have read this all contributes to RSI.

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