RSI doesn’t exist

Question: Does anyone know about the recent in last 2 weeks, I think; I was unfortunately without email at the time ruling against journalists, in a case brought by the NUJ?
(I just saw a short piece in the Guardian, midweek: the Sundays didn’t mention it.)
The gist of the judge’s ruling was that the employees had undoubtedly been caused great pain, but not been physically injured. And there was a hint of psychological causes and all the garbage we know so well.

Answer 1: as I heard it discussed on the radio, it seems they didn’t go for a ‘diffuse RSI’ approach since it’s ‘medically controversial’, but claimed ‘more common’ musculo-skeletal injuries; but that the defense had argued (successfully) that there was no evidence that computer use could cause these.
So then the QC opines that ‘this proves RSI doesn’t exist’.

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