RSI, Fibromyalgia and CMPS

Question: Is there an overlap between RSI, fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome? I think there is between RSI and myofascial pain. The reason I ask is that there is a really good book on fibromyalgia and CMPS which I am ordering at the moment. I think coping skills would be similar in both.

Answer 1: The primary pathology of RSI is indeed myofascial pain-not inflammation, and most of the pain of fibromyalgia is myofascial in origin. You are absolutely correct to notice a major overlap between these three conditions. Successful treatment is also similar.

Answer 2: Hi Thanks for the reply. Please can you tell/explain some more. Mine definitely feels like inflammation. Also why it is more concentrated in one area (in my case neck, shoulder, ribs, hands and arms- right side)?

Answer 3: I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a condition similar to Fibromyalgia) and, over the last 2 years I have developed RSI. During the worst times, I cannot use the keyboard for more than about 15 minutes before the pain, burning and aching sensations become quite severe in both arms. I have tried various (1) input devices, (2) ergonomic arm exercises, (3) painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents, (4)magnets and special Thermaflow gloves and armbands. I have not tried Voice Recognition software because I am on a disability pension and I cannot afford a new computer at this time. However, I have discovered one thing which does seem to help: marijuana. I find that smoking a joint does relieve the most severe aspects of RSI. It is not a cure and I have to keep smoking in order to keep relieving the pain but, it is much more effective than Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Has anyone else had similar experiences with marijuana? I live in Canada and our Federal Government has just started a study on the value of medicinal marijuana. However, with the power that the pharmaceutical companies have I am not optimistic about the legalization of marijuana. I do really recommend it though, and hope that more people will realise that.

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