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Question: I have a meeting with Channel 4 this Tuesday about the RSI television documentary proposal I sent them. Thanks to those that contributed ideas. Channel 4 are very interested in my RSI proposal but I need your help in finding more people with stories, ideas, scandals, good news and events happening in the next 6 months. You can help me by posting this message for others and by contacting me with your ideas and stories.

Answer 1: May we see a summary of your proposal?

Answer 2: I considered sending a copy around but it includes details of specific cases which are confidential. The ideas and suggestions of people on this list have been very helpful. I hope my proposal gets to the next round. I meet the commissioning editor tomorrow. Many people I have spoken to so far have lost their job (and fear) so I would advise people with initial symptoms to take it very seriously. It seems that once injured, long periods off work does not help people to recover and often threatens their job. It may be better to try and reduce your workload and shift yourself into tasks which do aggravate RSI while you try to sort out the root cause (e.g. prolonged static posture, bad ergonomics). This is often very frustrating but if you don’t act quickly you could be in for a long ride.

My partner is now back at work as a graphic designer after not being able to work for 7 months because of RSI. She is now using a voice activated computer system (Power Secretary on the Macintosh) to design book jackets. She can work about 4 hours a day on the computer and is slowly improving. The RSI is in her arms and wrists and seems to be helped by deep massage in her shoulders, Alexander Technique, acupuncture and physiotherapy (neural stretching). We were able to get financial help to purchase the computer and software from PACT at employment services which was great. The best sources of information I have found are the people on this list and the associated web pages and the RSI association.

Answer 3: That’s exactly right. I totally regret of haven’t taken my early symptoms seriously by being off work for a while. Maybe now I would have been completely recovered!

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