RSI from Driving

Question: I have only just joined this list, mostly because I believe that all the driving I have to do in my job (as a service engineer) is causing me problems. Last year I did 36,000 miles. I have pains in my right hand and elbow and right leg and heel. The car I drive (an Astra Estate) is, in my opinion, not driver friendly driving such high mileages. To make things worse I recently bought a motorcycle because I was so fed up with driving, but the vibration through the handlebars makes my hands worse. So can anybody point me towards where I can find more information about driving causing RSI.

Answer 1: Try: Johns Hopkins Health Information Center. Also contact your local truck driver’s union/association

Answer 2: I know of a lorry driver who has RSI, caused by driving. If you haven’t got a Union you could try the TUC?


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  1. would someone come back to me about this. i’ve been a lorry driver now for 15years and am experiencing pains in my hands. i’ve had various tests and no answers. i’m convinced that i have rsi because it does lessen when i’m on holiday or out on a different truck for a few days.

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