RSI guard – alternative

I use something called Ergo-Sentry which has all the features of RSI– Guard *except* the freeze-up! You can always override its advice – so you have to decide to be sensible and take its advice – you can customise to your work style, and it watches your keystrokes and mouse clicks, and advises you when to take a break and which exercise to do while you’re taking a break. If you’re just sitting at your keyboard thinking and not doing very much typing, it will just notice when you’ve been sat in one place for too long, and tell you to get up and stretch anyway. Oddly, when I’m using DNS it treats dictated words just as if they were the equivalent keystrokes.

Comment 1: I’m afraid this would be no good for me. I just have to finish what I’m doing and so I need something to force me to take a break. I suppose I wouldn’t have any problems if I didn’t. I’ve used RSI Guard with VV (the programme is on all the time) and I’m sure it didn’t count but I had to make quite a few alterations so I couldn’t be sure – I’ll have to watch next time and see.

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