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Question: I am a student RSI sufferer from Holland. Currently I am using the program ‘Workpace’. It contains about the same features as RSI guard. The company behind Workpace has license contracts with museum, universities and other educational institutes, academic hospitals, libraries, technological and scientific research institutes in Belgium, the Netherlands, AND the UK (as stated in a press announcement, unfortunately written in Dutch). You can have a look at You can download a trial version. For me it is a perfect program, with minor breaks and longer rest breaks, exercises, hints etc. It remains in the system tray. I am combining it with Mouse tool; a program which automatically ‘clicks the mouse’ after 0.x seconds when you have stopped moving it. You have to get used to it, but I liked it in half an hour. I don’t know an URL for ‘Mouse tool’. Hope it is useful.

Answer 1: For everyone’s information though RSI Guard also has the facility for mouse clicks – either single, double, right or left after a short period of inactivity which can be set by the user in time or distance mouse has moved. You have to be careful though where you place your mouse – you can get some unwanted actions carried out! You can also, I believe, add in your own tips to be shown on the screen with the others already programmed in. It will also ‘develop’ the tips that it shows as it learns about your style and habits of working. This programme will appear automatically and start working as soon as the computer is switched on.

Answer 2: Same for workpace.

Answer 3: This software has been mentioned a few times recently and I’ve downloaded the Shareware version to try out. The only problem so far is that the Autoclick doesn’t seem to work on MS Word 97. Sound familiar to anyone?

Answer 4: I have been using RSI Guard for quite a while now and I have just checked which version of Word I have. I have Word 97 and it seems to work perfectly on my PC. Could you possibly have something set up incorrectly? If you email them they will be able to point you in the right direction. They are extremely helpful. I would give you their address but I’ve recently changed departments at work and the system has ‘lost’ some of my addresses (!). Check on their web site.

Answer 5: I don’t know if this software has been mentioned before but on the recommendation of a colleague I’ve just installed RSI guard. It monitors how long you’ve been typing, mousing and so on, with different classifications of the trauma caused. For example pressing control and F is more traumatic than just pressing F. It brings up animated stretches during breaks. Your will power to take a break can also be adjusted, so the program will force you to have a break if required. It also features the mouse tool automatic click thing so it will left click moments after you stop moving the mouse. I don’t know how much it is to buy but there is a free trial, 45 days I think. Please note I am not a sales rep and have nothing to do this company. But my colleague says his pain has been reduced over the last couple of weeks from using it and I figured that it could be of help to some of you on the list. I’ll keep you informed of my progress with it during the trial period.

Answer 6: I’ve been using it for a few months for a while and find it completely invaluable. Even though I thought I took regular breaks, it wasn’t until I got this software that I realised how slack I was. Quite often I get absorbed into some work and completely forget. In a strange kind of way it helps me justify taking breaks in front of my colleagues as well.

Answer 7: According to the website, RSI guard is $65 to purchase with the stretch break technology, & $40 without stretch break.
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Answer 8: I am not sure if ‘Mousetool’ has been recommended before, which I think it is really good. It has nearly all the features found in ‘rsiguard’, and it is a freeware.

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