RSI help -writers cramp

I originally started with Writer’s cramp 10 years ago and am now also affected by keyboard work after using laptops for 8 years in bad postures in a working environment. May be worth talking to your doctor about it.

Comment 1: I went to the doctor and she said I had a trapped nerve when I couldn’t write in my exam. I asked if there was some test I could take to evidence that I had a problem but she said there wasn’t. She said she would write a letter to my college and tell them that the reason I didn’t write much in the one exam out of 7 I took was that I had a trapped nerve. I told her in my exam Icouldn’t feel my thumb and the other 2 fingers I use to hold on my pen. The doctor also asked me if I had any other pain, and I did have some pain in the neck around the time of the worst attack however I thought this was unrelated. I have been feeling so depressed and helpless since the exam I had the attack because I revised enough for it and passed all the my other exams easily. I am not looking forward to doing more exams in the future and having the same problems.

Comment 2: I know how you feel about exams – I’ve also had problems because of pains, although mine is in the wrists and arms. My college has been very supportive once they were informed by my GP that I had RSI (although exactly what, he’s still not able to tell me…). I was supposed to graduate this year, but I’ve had to postpone for a year, as I’ve been unable to finish coursework on time. In the case of exams, you are entitled to all the support your university/college can give you. This can range from breaks/prolonged time to physical support such as dictation and even having your exam converted to coursework you can do as and when you’re able. As far as I understand, your college should also be able to let you resit exam/do coursework, as long as your GP can back you up. In my case, I’ve been very lucky, as my department administrator has got the same problems, and she goes out of her way to help me. But these are basic rights for students with disabilities. I’d recommend contacting your college disability officer. They’re angels in disguise! Hope this can be of any help what so ever!

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