RSI in television trades repairs and heavy lifting

Question: I am very interested to hear from anyone who has worked in the TV trade and who suffers from RSI or lower back pain, especially if your job entailed using a laptop computer. I have a friend who has problems with his hands, arms, shoulder and back. He has had several operations and physio over the last 5 years, and is still under the hospital and the physio. He can no longer work due to his conditions and is now on DLA. He is keen to use his findings to help others and give his fellow sufferers any advice, but due to his hand problems he has difficulty using a keyboard so I have offered to be his mediator through this website. I know that he had no idea at first as to what was wrong with his arms. There was no help from anywhere, especially┬ánot from his works, he was always told that it was ‘his age’ and that no-one else had complained. Over 35 years in the same job and ending up like this is not right. He has since found hundreds of engineers have the same problems so if there are any fellow TV engineers out there please let me know or if you have any queries.

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