RSI in Vogue

Question: P. 74 of July Vogue (my daughter’s copy) has a paragraph on someone with RSI who appears to have found an elegant way to relieve symptoms. She is described as:- “Gloved up in a sleek Wristeasy wrist brace designed by Sebastian Conran in tandem with occupational therapists at the Hammersmith Hospital, however, she enjoyed near-instant relief from the burning aching that was making life a misery. She found them reassuringly supportive, strengthening and stylish. We like them, too. Available in a range of colours, for £23.50 plus £2.50 p&p. (0870 120 7408)” Unfortunately there was no picture of these great new fashion accessories, just a typical office scene of two glamorous black clad females draped on a desk. The article did say that RSI “is now classed as the fastest-growing occupational health problem in this country” so I hope it has done a bit of consciousness rising.

Answer 1: I have one of these in black – I bought it just before they brought in all the colours! It’s ok, but . . . it’s light, comfortable, and breathable – but it fastens with a zip along the back of the wrist/hand, so it isn’t in any way adjustable. I find it allows rather a lot of movement in the wrist and isn’t nearly as supportive as the Futuro brace – which fastens with 4 velcro straps and so can be adjusted to fit exactly. The Wristeasy is in the ‘cocked up’ (had tilted backwards) position, not the ‘neutral’ (relaxed – the way they plaster you if you break your wrist) position. I keep the Wristeasy in the car for swift/emergency use if I start to get unexpected pain while I’m driving. On days when I just *know* it’s going to be painful from the moment I wake up, I use the Futuro. I posted a long piece about wrist braces/supports to the list a while back – it’s presumably accessible in the archive?

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