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Question: Congratulations to all on the first issue of the reborn RSI Network Newsletter. An excellent production! Thanks for reviving the Newsletter, I’ve missed it. For anyone who missed the earlier mentions — you can get the newsletter, plus other announcements and information, by subscribing to the RSI Network. Send email to¬† with the command subscribe in the first line of the message body.

Answer 1: I am looking for the original editor and distributor of the RSI Network Newsletter, Caroline Rose and Craig O’Donnell. I’d talked to Caroline last January about the newsletter, and she had not given up on it at that time, but wasn’t sure when another issue would be out. Now her email at Apple is not working and Craig’s listed phone number is no longer valid. I’m looking at reviving the newsletter as part of the TIFAQ effort and would greatly appreciate any information that can be provided related to locating either one of them.

Answer 1: Scott, I have this vague memory that Craig had some association with¬†Adam Engst, who edits (edited? ) TidBits, the newsletter for Mac users. I’m sorry, I don’t have an email address for Adam, but the TidBits web site is at Sorry if this turns out to be a wild goose chase. Reviving the
newsletter would be excellent.

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