RSI, Pain Management, etc.

I am worried by the failure of some posts to acknowledge that “RSI” is an umbrella term. Some recommendations work for some people only.

Comment 1: You are correct in that RSI is an umbrella term. RSI can include many symptoms but some of the tips I suggest are for all types of RSIs regardless of cause since RSI is generally a condition of overuse of a body part as a result of stress and trauma over time. I am getting better and recovering from a bad case of RSI and become enthusiastic in sharing my ideas such as stretching, exercise, posture improvements, relaxation, yoga, ice and heat, and patience. If you’re taking NSAIDs (i.e., aspirin, ibuprofen), ask your doctor about taking them with an antacid and never take them on an empty stomach. Never! There is hope.

Comment 2: Yes. I understand. I didn’t want to sound hostile to anyone who was sending advice at the time I posted, and I am sorry if my email sounded as if I did. It is more that cases differ so much. I use a lot of those techniques myself. I know about using NSAIDs. I am anyway careful and so is my GP. Well, there is also hope without recovery! Though it would be good to be able to use my hands and not be in pain!

Comment 3: You did not sound hostile at all. On the contrary, I hope I was not overzealous in my response. What happens in my situation is that I hear suggestions from others, I try them, and sometimes they don’t work for me. I’ve tried so many things in the last several years but now feel for the first time that I’ve found a sound personal pain management program that I can use daily and see the benefits. There were times when I thought that my symptoms would not improve but they have. I don’t think I will fully recover and this is the part I have accepted.

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