RSI – Physio

I’ve had continuous physio before, and has done nothing to help. It has just created further pain. I can’t go on courses, or buy equipment, as I’m broke, and we only survive at all, because of financial help from within the family. The “SS” would have had us on the pavement if left to them. As it is, they owe me loads of money that they are withholding, and Social Services are fighting to force them to give it back. I am not alone. The “SS” routinely traumatise many disabled applicants and cause untold suffering to the best of their ability, (and they’re damned good at it!) Since the abolition of the green card scheme, the disability “help” laws seem to have gone out of the window.

I am not going to “lay down and die.” It’s not my style, but I can’t indulge in “publicity”, as I do have a legal case in progress. I think we have to accept that our problems are all individual, and affect us in different ways. Physio may benefit some and not others etc. My injury was not caused by typing, but was industrial, and still continues to be assessed in conjunction with the NHS.

Comment: I have to back Frances in pushing you to try a residential PAIN MANAGEMENT course. It is available on the NHS. So it is COST-FREE. Your doctor probably never heard of it so if you don’t push for it won’t happen. Call INPUT at St Thomas’s hospital and find out how to get referred by your doctor.

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