RSI-Prone Occupations

Question: Is there any research on contracting RSI from other jobs apart from IT type jobs. Is there any evidence that nurses are predisposed to this by repetitive use of heavy hoists over periods of time. Where I work, the layout is not really suitable for manoeuvring the large hoists with 13 stone clients dangling from the other end so we had to push them back and forwards in ever decreasing circles to manoeuvre them into bathrooms etc, using – of course – arms, upper body, knees etc, anything which would move the things. This was made more difficult as the whole place is carpeted! Could this have contributed to my dodgy neck?

Answer: Truck drivers, cash register operators, carpenters (using vibrating tools), sign language interpreters, etc. the list goes on and on who have RSI. Read about one young surgeon who can’t operate any longer due to his RSI.

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