RSI Questionnaire

I agree totally that scientific evidence is vital and am in fact employed in the evidence based medical field. The statements I made were based upon input I’ve had from various medical professionals and physiology data and while it may not be applicable to everyone, it does have some causal reasoning behind it. However, like yourself, I would be much more willing to accept the results from large, well designed clinical trials. Basing conclusions on very little data can be very misleading and this has been one of my concerns regarding the recent research letter published in the Lancet. You do raise some interesting issues, in particular the need for communication. Those on the e-mail list do tend to be a sub group of people with RSI. In particular, they have access to computers and tend, primarily, by the looks of it, to be based in Universities. However, as you’ve demonstrated, it is great to see people summarizing information for others. The list provides the opportunity to discuss ideas and actually talk to people with similar problems. Without it I would still feel very isolated.

I am currently trying to see if there is funding available to research the implications of RSI from a health and safety viewpoint. More specifically, to look at the cost effectiveness of proper H+S training so that problems such as wrist and back ache can be avoided. If anybody knows of similar work or has any ideas I’d very much appreciate any comments.

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