RSI & Quinine

Question:  I have just subscribed to this mailing list and I suspect I may have RSI my wife has said for a while she thinks it is. Work hrs 7:00am-7:00-8:00pm usually no breaks and usually a bit more time when I get home.

  • Started appprox 8 months ago
  • Left leg getting numb an awful feeling then followed by pain in the calf muscle,
  • Left arm going numb and tingling a feeling like it was electrically charged.
  • Just recently my right arm has started also.

Saw the doctor before Christmas hadn’t a clue what was wrong sent me to see a Neuro Consultant I have had a brain scan 1st. Nothing found wrong the consultant put me on Quinine sulphate tablets. I had ringing in the ears a side effect with these tablets. I stopped taking the tablets symptoms returned within 4 days back on the tablets now but it takes approx 4 days for the tablets to kick in.

Answer 1: I don’t know if this will shed any light: My mother (78) has suffered from cramp for many years. She was told by a medical university professor that quinine relaxes the muscle. Recently her doctor has told her that taking too much builds up a “thickening” in the kidney, thereby upsetting it – so go easy! Basically she drinks tonic water that contains quinine, therefore it is a diluted dosage, but only until the symptoms ease off, then she stops drinking it. Why do doctors think that two symptoms are necessarily connected? Your arms could be something quite different; persevere for a diagnosis before any more damage is done. Why don’t you take breaks at work? (I didn’t either and regret it) Now there are regulations to enforce it.

Answer 2: That’s Interesting. Going to see the consultant in an hour. Basically I am my own worst enemy I have far too much to do and do push myself too much.

Answer 3: I was prescribed quinine some thirty years ago for ‘growing pains’ and cramp which disturbed my sleep. My father had been prescribed it for ‘muscular aches’ caused by Fredreich’s Attaxia – it worked on both of us. The only problems are my ‘growing pains’ were the start of extensive damage to both knees which has left me permanently disabled (as well as upper body RSI) AND my father’s diagnosis has changed to ‘We don’t really know what it is BUT it isn’t Freidreich’s’. As far as we were able to discover quinine was used to treat muscle spasm, being one of its observed benefits when used to treat malaria. If this is the case it could be used to good effect as a relaxant.

Answer 4: Well I have seen the Consultant today and he has now suggested an arms and legs EMG. But it has been suggested to drop the Quinine dose to try combat the ringing in the ears.

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