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Question:  I’m new to the list. I’m at the beginning of the long journey towards recovery and am looking for a doctor specialising in RSI in the London area. My employer’s health insurance will pay if the referral needs to be private. I’d appreciate any advice.

Answer 1: Dr Richard Pearson has had a lot of experience with RSI. I believe he works out of Barts and also has a private practice. There is also a Pain Clinic at St Thomas’s which many people have found extremely helpful. If you can give a bit more detail about your symptoms and how long you’ve had them, someone might be able to give some more detailed advice.

Answer 2: My symptoms started about 6 months ago, but it took many months for me to realize what was going on. Three weeks ago the pain got so bad I went to my GP, who suggested Nurofen. A week later I was advised by occupational health at work to stop typing, and I did so. (My partner is typing this!) Symptoms – started with aching forearms, and then escalated to acute pain on the underside of my forearms, and numbness all along the outer edge of both arms. I also get a burning sensation round my right wrist and pain in my fingers and elbows. Since I stopped typing things have improved a little, but all the following cause pain: operating light switches, opening doors, opening jars, washing, cleaning teeth, lifting or carrying anything (e.g. a mug of tea) and much more. I haven’t seen any specialist and would very much appreciate any further advice on whom to see.

Answer 3: That’s good. Stopping typing (and stopping mousing!) is very important to give yourself time to recover. But if you start it again under the same circumstances, the problem will still be there. Have you considered using voice recognition? If you talk to the Disability Employment Advisor at your local Job Centre, he or she can make arrangements for the PACT team to come and see you at work. This is why so many people with RSI are entitled to claim Disabled Living Allowance – because these everyday tasks are so painful.  Physio and Alexander Technique are the things other people have found helpful. Ring the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and ask for details of physios in your area with experience of dealing with RSI. This will be private treatment, by the way. Find out whether your employer’s insurance will also cover Alexander lessons and massage. And join the RSI Association and get their pack.

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