RSI Specialists

Contact the RSIA:
Chapel House
152-154 High Street
Yiewsley, West Drayton
Middlesex UB7 7BE
Tel/Fax 01895 – 431134
They may be able to put you in touch with someone. I hate to be depressing but… No one has won a substantial award when they suffer from diffuse RSI – the stuff you treat with AMT stretches and trigger points. CTS, tennis elbow etc. cases have won. The reason for this is there is no accepted (or unaccepted) test for diffuse RSI (yet). One of the members of my local RSI Support Group was taking her employers to court and her expert medical witness changed his mind, four weeks before the case came to court, and agreed with everything the insurers expert medical witness said. This was three years after he had last seen her. So the case collapsed. I was told by my solicitor that it could cost 10 000 pounds just to get to the stage where you go to court, and you can get a lot of treatment for that money, so I gave up.

Comment 1: One option for RSI legal fees might be “no-win, no-fee” solicitors. Brian Barr (0161 832 4781) is one such solicitor who has a particular interest in RSI. He wrote to me to say that he is happy to speak to people for free.

Comment 2: The trade union I belong to are paying for my current solicitor, but after paying for a medical opinion that said I have degenerative disc disease they cannot pursue anything unless I obtain another medical opinion for them.

Comment 3: Your e mail states your doctor has prescribed you as suffering with RSI but does not acknowledge that there are any specialists in this field, believe me there are. I have been suffering this dreaded disability since 1995. I am at present suing my ex employers for compensation, a long winded processes but am getting there slowly. Whilst I had been sent originally by my unions solicitor to see a specialist who did not believe there was any such thing, I set out to find out who did. The consultant who I found was a Professor Bird at Leeds General Infirmary; this man also teaches and lectures on RSI injuries so maybe you may get more help from him.

Comment 4: I would just like to second the opinion on Prof Bird at Leeds. He is very experienced and knows what he is talking about. He is very good at what he does. Unfortunately it was some NINE months before he was able to see me. He is very popular and therefore busy. In that time I saw Rosemary White. She is excellent at diagnosing and treating RSI type problems. She has her own practice in Nottingham, and she is definitely worth seeing/talking to. She can be contacted at
Email :
Tel : 01363 611150
She is very good and very thorough. I do recommend her. Good luck.

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