RSI Statistics anyone?

Question:   I live in Oxford. My partner has recently come down with RSI and down with RSI and would like to talk with people who have been using ‘Power Secretary’ software on the Macintosh. She is a graphic designer and we think that this might help her get back to work. Also, I am a director of a small film company and am thinking about writing a documentary film proposal on RSI in the UK. Can people answer a few questions?

  1. I’ve seen very little in the mainstream media about RSI. Can anyone remember seeing a film on this subject recently?
  2. Do people think that RSI would warrant a film? What aspects would be most  helpful, revealing and shocking?
  3. Does anybody have access to statistics concerning the prevalence of RSI in the UK the UK? Is it increasing? Is it an epidemic?
  4. Does anyone have or know of an individual who’s had a difficult experience with an employer, possibly leading to legal action in a few months?

Please let me know if a film would be helpful and what subjects would be most useful to address. Finding the statistics would be the first step.

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