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Question:   Can anyone tell me where I can find the latest UK statistics on RSI? I need to find official publications which I can quote from and every time I contact the most likely government body they pass me on to someone else until I come full circle.

Answer 1: Try contacting Owen Tudor at the TUC – Congress House, London. He will be able to give you the names of publications etc. He coordinates the TUC’s RSI awareness campaign, among other things.

Answer 2: You could try the RSI Association, Tel: 01895 431134

Answer 3: Can’t be much help other than try the TUC (Recent campaigns such as good health is good business must have been inspired from some kind of number crunching) but just wanted to request that you let us know any interesting findings! Good Luck.

Answer 4: Just to let you know the RSI figures which I have acquired from the Owen Tudor at the TUC: RSI costs UK industry an estimated 31 billion pounds and affects 200,000 people. About 2000 cases are settled per year with a settlement cost of about 34 million with an average settlement between 31500 – 32500. These estimates are from 1995.

Answer 5: Thanks very much for these figures – now I have a guide for my dreams about the compensation that a self-employed person might get (from the creator of the universe, perhaps!).

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