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Question: Nothing very exciting, but at least the TUC are trying…  

Comment 1: Note that it’s the website of *this* on-line group, yes the one you are in, that gets the plug from the BBC!

Comment 2: I hadn’t noticed that link; it makes the article even more exciting and worthwhile!

Comment 3: My eye was caught by the link captioned ‘Lefty workers at risk of injury’ This turned out not to be about the class struggle, as I at first thought, but about left-handed users having to make do with keyboards and mice designed for right-handers. Which no doubt is true. Some keyboard/mouse manufacturers do provide lh versions, though, if only the workers can get their hands on them. I looked at a site which claims to sell “anything left-handed”, but where PC equipment is concerned it appears to sell “virtually nothing”. The TechDis Accessibility Database site that’s been mentioned on the list recently has much more information about lh-usable products.

Comment 4: Seems to be sending mixed messages though – one article on the BBC page says in effect, yes we have definitely discovered RSI has a physical cause and is NOT all in the mind, and yet another article on the same page says in effect, oh no, it’s largely psychological and if people are stressed or anxious about their work (difficult NOT to be, with RSI), they’re more likely to suffer from it. (At least that’s how I read it, at a quick glance).

Comment 5: This is a news medium remember, not a factual journal as such. Basically they want “stories” with “angles”. Or sometimes they just reproduce a press release verbatim, as in this case (the TUC). If there are any journalists out there who’d like to try and correct me on my jaundiced view of the profession then please do.


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