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I have had RSI for a number of years, and was unsuccessful in suing my employers for compensation as I could not prove it medically that my work caused this problem. On losing my case I went to see a specialist who said that I had a case of occupationally related ULD. This has now been recorded by my doctor. I have been a typist for a number of years, and subsequently worked as a specialist typist doing desktop publishing work, which involved a lot of mouse work, and also using a scanner, which involved editing work.

Three years ago I was put on 3 hours maximum keyboard work, which helped the problem greatly, and my other work was made up of admin work. Now things have changed and after a period of sick leave, have now had a job change which involves data input work, and my 3 hours restriction have now been lifted. As you can guess my problem has returned with vengeance. My employers seem to think that data input using a numeric keypad does not deem to be typing, plus I also have to do a lot of written work which does not help. I am biding my time, but think it will not be long before I am off once again, as I have pins and needles in my hand, plus loss of grip and pains going up my arm. I take great interest in the many letters I read on the internet from the many of you who are suffering similar problems. As I have only 3 years to retirement, perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. There’s a program that can help you and other RSI sufferers. It’s called keyrocket and it makes sure you’re using keyboard shortcuts as often as possible instead of a mouse. There’s a free trial as well. 🙂 hope this helps.

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