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I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was to have found you all!! My RSI started 10 years ago, has never been properly diagnosed or treated, and is now as bad as it has ever been. When I read about other people who were dealing with all this and joined you mailing list, I actually cried with the relief so know that I wasn’t alone and wasn’t imagining things!….I feel much more positive today and will have another go at getting some proper treatment. The pain, and certainly the depression, is already lessened by being able to share it……thank you

Comment 1: Welcome to the List. I have been on the list for over four years and I can honestly say that it has made all the difference in the world in so many ways.

Comment 2: This is exactly how I felt, having RSI for ten years as well. I have  gleaned lots of helpful info from this site during the last month (since I joined) but now find that 192 e-mails in two days is a bit much to cope with. I may have to leave as it is making my RSI worse!

Comment 3: I know what you mean — have just staggered back into work after having been away since Thursday (one day hols, two days sick — the train journey back from York did for me!) only to find I had 119 messages to download from the list. But at least that shows people are taking an active part in supporting one another, and you can be fairly brutal in deleting less relevant messages. Having said that, I suspect that ploughing through this lot will probably drive me back to my sick bed. Oh, and the last of the 119 had the subject “Re: Ha ha, that’s it”. Which seemed appropriate.

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