RSI Survey

Question: I am a sophomore, and I am currently researching the possibility that radiation may contribute to the cause of RSI. In order to make any conclusions, though, I need your help! If you could PLEASE fill out this survey and return it to me, I would be eternally greatful!

  • Q1. What is your occupation?
  • Q2. Do you work with any form of radiation?
  • Q3. What is your Age?
  • Q4. Have you ever experienced tenderness and pain in your forearms, elbows, wrists, or fingers while working?
  • Q5. Have your hands or forearms ever swollen up during work?
  • Q6. Have you ever had the feeling that you needed to massage your hands, wrists or arms?
  • Q7. Have you ever had muscle spasms or weakness in your hands while working?
  • Q8. Have you had any previous medical conditions (broken arm, wrist, fingers etc?)
  • Q9. Do you own and operate a computer?
  • Q10. If so, how many hours per day do you spend on it, on average?
  • Q11. Do you play any sports? Musical Instruments?

Thanks so much!

Answer 1: Responses regarding your survey:

  • Q1 Full-time Postgraduate student
  • Q2 No
  • Q3 38 years
  • Q4-Q7 yes
  • Q8 Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome, both hands
  • Q9 Yes, using voice activated software
  • Q10 2 hrs approx
  • Q11 No
  • Good luck with your studies

Answer 2:

  • Q1 I was a secretary? PA – had to give it up
  • Q2 No
  • Q3 55 years
  • Q4 Yes – mainly left hand
  • Q5 Yes – wrist, knuckles
  • Q6 Yes
  • Q7 Yes
  • Q8 Tennis elbow in 1972, broken right wrist twice in childhood (I’m left handed), carpal tunnel op in 1996
  • Q9 Yes
  • Q10 As little as possible – a few minutes a day now
  • Q11 No

Good luck with your studies.

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